Behaviour Consultations

Stage 1: Vet Referral & Client Questionnaire
After first contact either by phone or e-mail you will be sent a Canine Questionnaire and a Veterinary Referral Form. It is a priority to ensure that your dog is fit and healthy so as to make sure that we are just dealing with a behavioural problem and not a medical one!

Stage 2: Setting up a date
Once I receive both the Canine Questionnaire and your Veterinary Referral Form we can agree on a consultation date.

Stage 3: The Consultation
The behaviour consultation (2 hours) will ideally take place at your home, where your dog will behave as naturally as possible. A behaviour modification plan will be explained and discussed.


Stage 4: Homework
In order to change your p
et's behaviour, you will have first to modify your own! The InterPETer will provide you with a full detailed report including a tailored training plan within 1 week of the consultation date.

Stage 5: Follow-up
A one hour follow up consultation at your home, which will take place approximately two weeks after the first consultation. Along with a 2 months back up support via phone or e-mail. Each technique builds upon the previous one. Depending on your pet's response, the plan may be modified accordingly.

Stage 6: Training
Not surprisingly, training is crucial in a behaviour modification plan. The InterPETer can also help you with this! (One to one Dog Training).

Referred behaviour cases from your vet to The InterPETer are covered under some pet insurance policies subject to the policy's terms and conditions.

The InterPETer is a registered behaviourist with Allianz